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Jr/Youth Clubs & Programs

Click Here for  AK Jrs Sports Engine website

There are numerous outstanding Juniors/Youth clubs and programs around Alaska.  Most of the clubs have Comp and Developmental programs and travel teams.  Tryout info is available on the AK JRs Sports Engine website.

Players in local USAV programs must be registered with USAV through the new SportsEngine/USAV system.  Use the link below to get yourself registered. The  registration is now available. Last year's membership expired on 1 Sept.   You don't need to select a club yet.
You will need to pay the full or tryout USAV fee online.  Club or team fees will be collected later by your club.

If you have not signed up with the new USA Website, here is the direct link:
 -ACE Volleyball Academy (AVA) (Mat-Su Valley) ACE/AVA,   Facebook  ACE/AVA facebook
-All Set (Anchorage)  website - https://www.allsetvbc.com  Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/allsetvbc
-Elevate AK Volleyball (Fairbanks) fhfitnessstudio@gmail.com Director Tina Ferringer
-Homer Ignite   Facebook Link

-Inspire (Eagle River/Chugiak)  Inspire VBC
-Impact/ASA   IMPACT
-Marathon Volleyball Club - Seward, AK Jodi Kurtz marathonvball@yahoo.com
-Midnight Sun (Anchorage) Midnightsun VBC
-Peninsula Wild Director Luke Baumer Peninsula-Wild Facebook
-USAV Indoor Girls Youth National USAV Girls

 USAV Age bracket definition (note USAV has changed the cutoff date to 1 Julyounger players can play on older teams

6th Grade, 12U - Birthday 7/1/11 - 6/30/12
7th Grade, 13U - Birthday 7/1/10 - 6/30/2011
8th Grade, 14U - Birthday 7/1/09 - 6/30/2010
9th Grade, 15U - Birthday 7/1/08 - 6/30/2009
10th Grade, 16U - Birthday 7/1/07 - 6/30/2008
11th Grade, 17U - Birthday 7/1/06 - 6/30/2007
12th Grade, 18U - Birthday 7/1/04 - 6/30/2006
2022 18s Champs IVC 18 Blue
2022 18s Champs IVC 18 Blue
2022 17s Champs ACE Kate
2022 17s Champs ACE Kate
2022-16s Champs IVC 16 Black
2022-16s Champs IVC 16 Black
2022-15s Champs IVC 15 Yellow
2022-15s Champs IVC 15 Yellow
2022 14s Champs ACE Steve
2022 14s Champs ACE Steve

Juniors news

First USAV AK regional tournament results (April 2022)
18s IVC 18 Blue
17s ACE 17 Kate
16s IVC 16 Black
15s IVC 15 Yellow
14s ACE 14 Steve

Travel team
summer Tryouts 

Some clubs, (not all) will hold tryouts for their travel teams this summer.  Summer tryouts are for the travel teams only.  If you don't make a travel team, you will still need to try out for the regular club season in the Fall. Travel team tryouts can take place starting July 1 and must finish by July 31.  No Commitments/Contracts can be signed and returned until Aug. 1st.  The long summer travel tryout period gives clubs more flexibility in scheduling their tryouts.  Tryouts may not interfere with scheduled UAA, UAF or high school camps.  Clubs should do their best to avoid conflicts with other club tryouts.  We encourage players to explore your club options, as the decision you agree to will be binding for the entire annual club season.
Contact individual clubs to see if and when they are holding tryouts for Travel Teams.
Some questions to ask when making the decision to commit to a travel team.
  • How many tournaments will this team go to (when & where)?
  • What is the estimated cost, and what is included in the cost?  What is not included?
  • What is the total cost for travel and regular season?
  • Does the club have any fundraising opportunities?
  • How many times a week will this team practice?
  • Will this team be my regular season team? Are we only together for traveling?
  • What is the purpose of traveling to out of state tournaments?
  • What is the club's policy on playing time for travel team members?

       TOURNAMENT Dates for 2023/24 are pending  (10/5/23 update)  Most tournaments will be held at Anchorage, Eagle River, and Mat-Su facilitiesTournament dates are post on the AK Jrs Sports engine website.  The  AK regional tournament in early April

Juniors Club Night @UAA. Pending There is usually a volleyball club information night at UAA before during during Sept/Oct during a UAA at the UAA Alaska Airline center.   Please stop by all the club booths to ask questions to determine which clubs might fit your needs best and find out more about club tryouts.

Club Regular Season TRYOUTS
The AK Region has set rules regarding tryouts periods and club commitments. These rules are made in the best interest of the athlete and are similar to other states. If players have conflicts with tryout dates or 2 clubs on the same date please contact the club the make special arrangements for possible alternative tryout dates.
++14 & under (14U, 13U, 12U teams)- The 1st day for tryouts will be two Sundays prior to the start of the high school regional tournaments. This coming season the tryout window begins on 23 Oct.  Commitments to a program by a 14u player can not take place before Nov 2nd 2023.
++18 and under (18U, 17U, 16U, 15U teams)- The 1st day of tryouts for players  (high school players), will be the Sunday immediately after the High School State Championship. This season the tryout window will be 12 Nov.   The 1st-day players (18U-15U) can commit or be asked to commit to a program/club is Nov 26 2021 (was normally Dec 1).  Commitment dates could change if there is unanimous agreement between all club directors.



other info

Player Commitment to a Club program
The USAV Alaska Region and USA Volleyball agree that a commitment to a club is for the entire season – this means from the date that a contract is signed by a player and her family and returned to the offering club, until the end of the Girls Junior National Championships. Therefore, any club that attempts to pick up players for a season ending event must first have a release by the player’s current club in order to invite or offer a player committed to another club the opportunity to play with the new club. Players/coaches/club directors/parents of players and anyone else associated with the club should not be recruiting players to play with the team for any season ending event unless players have been released. The requesting club should contact the other club director first.  This includes AAU events.

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